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I believe that In order to be able to experience joy and happiness we need to open up our heart. We need to be vulnerable. We need courage, authenticity and presence.

Do know this moment when everything seems perfect? You’re watching your kids sleep. Or you’re looking up at the stars with the person you love beside you after a perfect evening. You’re watching the sun set over the ocean.. And as you try to soak up this moment you become acutely aware of the fact that this moment is so fragile and will not last. And with the blink of an eye it could all be gone…

It’s not as easy – leaning into joy – as it might appear at first glance…

So this guide isn’t merely another one of those how-to guides. I’m inviting you on a journey to reclaim your courage, compassion and creativity.

It all starts with gratitude so thank you for taking the first step!


Nicole W, Claygate: Daniella’s guide is wonderful. It looks beautiful, has masses of wisdom, is written with gentleness and compassion – I loved it. It looks great too.”

Marcia G, Brussels: Daniella’s guide to happiness is like no other I have seen. She has introduced a take on happiness that brings her into her own in this field. She shares great tips how you can start doing that today, that you most like won’t have heard about. I would highly recommend you download her free guide. This and her website is a total representation of her beauty from the inside out.”

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