• 01 / The Joy of Imperfection

    Photography is a way of seeing the world. Capturing my reality of it. Telling a story.
    A look. A special moment frozen in time.
    Just like life it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

    To see more.

  • 02 / The Tribe of Golden Crumbs

    Sometimes you don’t have to see the whole path in front of you. You just need to figure out your next step.

    I am following the golden bread crumbs that life is leaving for me. Knowing that I am guided on my path. Enjoying the journey (most of the time).

    I know I am not walking alone. I have my tribe.

  • 03 / Do you speak energy?

    When I first started with Pranic Healing more than 10 years ago I was just fascinated how the world and my experiences made sense when considered from an energetic viewpoint.

    The fascination is more alive today than ever.

  • 04 / Psychology of the Soul

    I started to study what we call esoteric psychology very early in life. Then I studied psychology as part of my job and my passion (will always love and admire the teachings of C.G. Jung). Then I studied psychology as part of my 4 year education as an art therapist.

    Today I’m still studying and practicing esoteric psychology. Which means nothing more than considering growth, development and transformation from the perspective of the soul and of consciousness. For that you have to believe in a part of you that is bigger, immortal and maybe also smarter than what you normally identify with. Which I do.

  • 05 / Coffee – always coffee

    I love coffee. I love the smell of it. I love the taste of it. I love to find cool, cozy and special coffee places all over the world. Which I have found an abundance of in my many travels.

    And I love baristas who take the time to make drawings of hearts and trees and even bears on my coffee.

  • 06 / Just for the Joy of it

    I don’t consider myself an artist. My joy comes from being creative. From leaving a trace in this ever changing fast paced world. With my writing and my painting. Inspiring other to play and explore as well.

    That’s it. And that’s enough.

  • 07 / Red, white and red, gold

    Having grown up in Switzerland was a blessing in many ways. Even though I chose a different place as my home now my heart will always beat for this curious little country that’s cooler, more inventive and hipper than it would ever care to admit.

    I’m just mixing it up with the Spanish way of enjoying life.

  • 08 / Reflection and stillness

    I’m an introvert. A social introvert but an introvert.
    I need time to myself. I need time to be still.
    To read a book. To reflect. To let my mind wander.
    To just be. To do yoga on the beach.

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