During this empowering 2 day workshop you will gain a greater understanding of your own personal energy system. You will get clarity of yourself and the immense healing power that lies within you.

You will learn about the refined and expanded system of 11 major chakras and how to “tune into” each one of them. You will also learn how to clear your energy body and chakras of blockages and congestions to feel brighter, healthier, more balanced and in the flow of life.

This workshop is for anyone looking to explore themselves and their energy and change their experience of life. Whether you’re on the start of this journey or a therapist already working with energy and looking for a tool to complement your practice, this workshop will offer deep insights into this simple yet effective energy medicine.

The workshop is led by authorized Pranic Healing instructor Daniella Schoch, who has been working with this method for the past 12 years: “Pranic Healing has changed my life in terms of physical health but also emotional strength and inner clarity of what I want from life. My passion is to help others to improve their health and well-being and gain greater clarity on their journey.”

When: October 21 & 22 from 10.00 – 18.00
Place: Calle del Fang 65, Binissalem
Costs: 243 Euros & IVA (includes the Level 1 book “Miracles Through Pranic Healing” and “Meditation on Loving Kindness” CD)